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Facebook Sales Feedback

❤ Type of Feedback: Positive/Neutral/Negative
♡ Communication: ?/5
❤ Accuracy of item description: ?/5
♡ Was the item shipped when agreed upon?: ?/5
♡ Overall experience: ?/5
❤ Additional comments: ???

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Type of Feedback: Positive
♡ Communication: 5/5
❤ Accuracy of item description: 5/5
♡ Was the item shipped when agreed upon?: 5/5
♡ Overall experience: 5/5
❤ Additional comments:
Very good seller, i bought a bodyline soft cream jumperskirt, small zippr problam but it was stated before selling, no major issue :)
i also bought a baby the stars shine bright hairbow, it was is in next to perfect condition <3 i loved it.
and i also bought a handmade hat from her stall at a mini convention i attended, some balancing issues but thats mostly down to me not knowing how to wear it XD
overall shes a fab seller, no major issues :) <3

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